Scott e internet

25 Ago

Para quien pregunta si Scott posee algun sitio oficial en internet o si posee algun perfil de social network les dejo parte de una entrvista en la cual declara que no le interesan esas cosas. Para leer el resto de la entrevista ir a la source

Q: Your character is not very in tune with technology, while the kid is very smart and “plugged in” so to speak; can you talk about how that relates to you personally?

Speedman: That’s a blessing because I am not “plugged in” whatsoever. I was at a Hollywood party last night, and people started laughing at me, literally laughing at me, because I took out my phone, and it was an old Verizon flip phone. They were chuckling because it wasn’t an iPhone or a Blackberry. I am not very technologically advanced; let’s just be honest about that. It was nice that I didn’t have to concentrate on that in the role.

Q: So is it safe to say you don’t tweet?

Speedman: I don’t tweet, I am against it. I don’t Facebook, Twitter or Myspace, whatever that stuff is. I think it’s ridiculous. I think it’s weird and ridiculous. Tweeting beyond everything else is ridiculous. Nobody cares that you’re having lunch.


2 comentarios to “Scott e internet”

  1. anna agosto 26, 2009 a 8:29 am #

    this is why we love Speedy!

  2. speedyfans agosto 26, 2009 a 3:30 pm #

    yes, you are right!


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