Scott habla de su personaje en Notre Dame de Grace y Devon Bostick se acuerda de èl

18 Feb

Scott hablo de su personaje en Grace de Notre Dame:

That’s echoed by Speedman, whose character was crippled in a car accident that killed his wife and left him in a wheelchair.

“He’s a bad guy,” Speedman says with a smile, confessing it’s tough to describe the character without giving away too much of the plot – but he notes he may not be the worst person in the movie.

Playing someone confined to wheelchair was also a challenge for Speedman, who is often seen in physical roles in action films like “Underworld.”

“I think that’s why Jacob wanted me to do it, to make me sit still for a while,” he said. “It was challenging but not as much as I thought it would be. I got a wheelchair down in L.A. for three or four weeks and rode around in it in my house and got acclimated and tried to figure it out.

“It’s pretty interesting how little you can really do.”

I did, however, manage to get a couple minutes with Scott Speedman (of Underworld and The Strangers fame) who told me a little bit about the character he’ll be playing: Spencer.

“I play a guy who’s had this terrible car accident where his wife’s died and you find him in a wheelchair,” says Speedman.

“He lives in the apartment building with two other characters. He’s quite a deviant, interesting character. A little off-centre but he’s a cool character. It’s been really fun to play this guy.”

Split between a sound stage in Rosemount and exterior locations in N.D.G., the shoot will last five weeks. Speedman, who grew up in Toronto and who currently calls L.A. home, says he’s enjoying making the film.

“It’s nice to get out of L.A. and be in a real city,” he says.

Kevin Tierney, uno de los directores en este ultimo articulo dice que Grace de Notre Dame sera pronta para ser presentada en los festivales de Venecia y de Toronto.

Por otro lado Devon Bostick, que trabajo con Scott en Adoration, confeso como una de las cosas importantes que le habia ganado a Scott al pingpong (para ver el articulo entero en clicar aqui:

I beat Scott Speedman at ping-pong and also Ted Danson in Chess. True story. I wouldn’t mention it to Scott though. I think he’s still broken up about it.



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